Why Montessori

It is a specially designed environment and a trained adult. Sounds so simple? That is what it has been: The Montessori environment is always set up and adapted to the childs needs. The deepest essence of our philosophy is to let the adult understand how the childs brain works and how to maintain an environment […]

Authentic Montessori Approach.

Authentic Montessori Approach. As parents and educators are looking for better solution in education, the Montessori method is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Latvia is not an exception. The Montessori brand is not a registered trademark, therefore, you never know what is hiding behind the particular Montessori named school. This is […]
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What is so special in Montessori Education?

As an educator or as a parent, you must have heard something about Montessori. But can you tell what is so special about Montessori Education?

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Daily Schedule