Authentic Montessori Approach.



As parents and educators are looking for better solution in education, the Montessori method is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Latvia is not an exception. The Montessori brand is not a registered trademark, therefore, you never know what is hiding behind the particular Montessori named school. This is where all the hardships comes. The popularity of Montessori approach opened a road to variety of Montessori courses, schools, parent classes. But how can you be sure that the name on the wall is hiding the right concept inside?


This is the moment of truth where AMI (Association Montessori Insternationale) is stepping in. The international organisation that was establish by Maria Montessori itself and that is supporting the authentic Montessori movement, controlling the quality of high educational standards.

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About Us

About Us The dream of a great place, where children are happy fulfilling individuals has come true. We have started our journey in different countries, at different time, but with one purpose: ​ ​Prepare an environment that can serve the children, help them become independent, well-rounded, capable individuals.  ​ That’s is the reason why the […]

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Daily Schedule
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What is so special in Montessori Education?

As an educator or as a parent, you must have heard something about Montessori. But can you tell what is so special about Montessori Education?